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Grapes in their new best form – Muscat Hamburg brandy

This year, we have combined our skill of turning love into liquid, ie wine production, with a related activity. We developed the skill of turning determination into liquid, and our offer of alcoholic beverages became richer for this special Muscat Hamburg brandy. This grape brandy is created by the distillation of fermented grape juice.

Silky on the tongue, drinkable on the first sip, dominant on emotions, Muscat Hamburg brandy has a perfectly blended taste that you will adore.

Very specific, this brandy is intended for hedonists and excellent connoisseurs of good taste of strong alcoholic drinks.

The expansion of determination in the very finish is almost materialized in the taste. We started the fine art of creating brandy with Muscat Hamburg, and in that spirit it can enrich your most cherished moments.

Muscat Hamburg brandy – a sip of determination.

Color: Transparentna
Fruit variety: Grožđe Muscat Hamburg
Aging: Inox
Serving temperature: 12 stepeni
Alc.: 43% vol
Packaging: 0.7l

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