The Aleksic winery is registered
The first red wine – Kardas – dedicated to all the friends who gave their support to this endeavor.
The first white wine – Arno
Production capacity raised to 100,000 liters per year.
Bonaca Limited 2011 is presented – the first wine from the Limited series.
Barbara arrives.
The first prizes arrive:
Bronze for Arno and Kardas at the Decanter world wine awards.
Gold medal for Bonaca Limited 2011 at the Austrian Wine Challenge.
We go outside of Serbia for the first time – export to Denmark.
Kardas Limited 2011 and Amanet 2011 were presented.
Zena Zmaj Award, for the entrepreneurial endeavor of the year.
The first export to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.
Production capacity increased to 220.000 liters per year.
Winery of the Year Award by AWC.
Presentation to the Montenegro market.
Production capacity raised to 350.000 liters per year.
The unique Bonaca Gold 2014 wine with 23ct gold leaves is presented.
The markets of Belgium and Switzerland are open.
The first sparkling wine Biser from the autochthonous variety Smederevka.
Export to the UEA market.
A new production hall for red wines was built.
The capacity of the winery raised to 900.000 liters per year, and the annual production to 550.000 liters of wine per year.
Placing wine on the market of the Republic of China and Russia.
The Yellow Flower sparkling wine, made from Tamjanika, was presented.
The first vineyards are raised on 20 hectares.
Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are planted.
A new wine is presented – Temperament, 100% Merlot.
A year marked by COVID19, a year of struggle and great temptations.
The second stage of planting vineyards. 40 new hectares and 9 new varieties.
 Tamjanika, Prokupac, Morava, Smederevka, Muscat Hamburg, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc were planted.
The first brandy from our distillery is on the market – Muscat Hamburg brandy.